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Get Your Employment Contract Reviewed With LLA consult

Is your employment contract fair, thorough, and legally compliant?

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Expert consultation to give you the best solution without hurting your pockets

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Best industry consultants with immense experience in their domains

Exceptional Results

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Review Parameters


Termination and Separation

Severability and Solicitation 


Confidentiality & IP

Dispute management and area of jurisdiction

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What Exactly do you get to know?

Is there any risk of getting trapped by signing bond or giving PDC?

Would it be possible to switch jobs later in the same industry?

Would you be able to work flexibly (working hours and WFH) and can you get transferred to a different city?

How will your performance impact your salary and bonuses/variable pay?

How effective and real are your Insurance, health and PF benefits? 

What exactly are terms of separation and termination both from your and employer's end?

We Keep it simple!

Along with in-depth legal analysis, we ensure that we simplify legal technicalities for better customer understanding

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How will review look like?

Analysis over 35 metrics

Shortlisted on basis of previous cases and industry best practices, we review your contract on 35 prevalent and critical parameters.

Clause-wise Red Flags

We help you detect early red signals on potential disputes to prevent and address them aptly

Answering specific queries

Silliest to most complicated, We'll provide resolution to all your queries 

Glossary and clause explainer

If you find legal terminologies difficult to comprehend, Don't worry we'll provide you an easy to understand writeup

Seamless Process

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Sample Report

This is how we analyze your employment contract on 35+ key parameters

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