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Get Your Employment Contract Reviewed With LLA consult

Is your employment contract fair, thorough, and legally compliant?

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Affordable Solution

Expert consultation to give you the best solution without hurting your pockets

Experienced Expert

Best industry consultants with immense experience in their domains

Exceptional Results

90% of our clients have felt satisfied with the practical approach of our experts

Review Parameters


Termination and Separation

Severability and Solicitation 


Confidentiality & IP

Dispute management and area of jurisdiction

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What Exactly do you get to know?

Is there any risk of getting trapped by signing bond or giving PDC?

Would it be possible to switch jobs later in the same industry?

Would you be able to work flexibly (working hours and WFH) and can you get transferred to a different city?

How will your performance impact your salary and bonuses/variable pay?

How effective and real are your Insurance, health and PF benefits? 

What exactly are terms of separation and termination both from your and employer's end?

We Keep it simple!

Along with in-depth legal analysis, we ensure that we simplify legal technicalities for better customer understanding

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How will review look like?

Analysis over 35 metrics

Shortlisted on basis of previous cases and industry best practices, we review your contract on 35 prevalent and critical parameters.

Clause-wise Red Flags

We help you detect early red signals on potential disputes to prevent and address them aptly

Answering specific queries

Silliest to most complicated, We'll provide resolution to all your queries 

Glossary and clause explainer

If you find legal terminologies difficult to comprehend, Don't worry we'll provide you an easy to understand writeup

Seamless Process

Enroll & Pay

Click on the link below and make a payment of Rs 699 (excl. GST)


Submit Documents

Fill up the required details in the form along with any specific questions or queries


Get Reviewed Contract

Within 5 working days, we’ll email you the reviewed contract and documents, You can reply back if you still have any queries left


Sample Report

This is how we analyze your employment contract on 35+ key parameters

Trusted by 150+ clients across India.

We serve clients from diverse  industries, geographies, and seniority levels.

Vishash Rai (Bhopal)

I got a sales job in a leading automobile company. After getting my contract reviewed by LLA, I got to know about the non-compete clause, which prohibited me from working at a competitor's  company for 2 years after resignation. I negotiated with HR and got this clause removed.

Prasanth (Jaipur)

Shweta did a great job, she has great knowledge in labour law. The professionalism with which the issue was handled was exemplary. Throughout the whole process Shweta ensured that every loophole was covered. It was a very smooth process and I applaud the team for taking up this noble venture. I am grateful to Shweta and team for the great support and guidance.

Aryaa Jadhav (Gurugram)

I am an employee at one of the world's biggest IT companies based out of the US. During the review process, the LLA team told me that as per the contract, the area of jurisdiction for any dispute has been mentioned as San Francisco US. After strong recommendation from LLA's expert, I spoke to my manager, interestingly later not only mine but the contract of every employee at Pune office was updated for area of jurisdiction

Shreyash (Lucknow)

First of all, thank you to labour low advisor's whole team jo itni mahenat se hamare liye videos banate hai . About the consultation review: i am fully satisfied with the consultation . Nothing much to say about you guys a big thank you.

Keshav Gupta (Bangalore)

I was a software engineer at Unicorn Startup. While on the side, I was developing a product for my own startup. During the job itself, I decided to get my contract reviewed by the LLA team. Surprisingly, I found that my employer can claim all my side work as part of its own property (IP). My employer refused to update the contract. Hence, I decided to switch jobs. Thanks to the LLA team now I can legally work on side on my venture and also got a decent hike after switching the job.

Ritvik Singh (Mumbai)

Thankfully, I didn't find a major red flag in my contact review. I am really impressed and satisfied by LLA's review, I found it reasonable and as per expectation, like what one can expect as a good professional interaction and response

Prevention is better than cure!

Almost 80% of employment disputes can be easily prevented with a comprehensive contract review at the begining 

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Get Your Employment Contract Reviewed with LLA

Three stages Word to word review by licensed lawyers 

50-70% more affordable than standard legal fees for contract review

Customized review by experienced lawyers from concerned Industry (BFSI, IT, Startups, etc.)



(Exc GST)

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  • What is the duration of the call?
    For Employment Consultation, you will get 1 hour in total in 3 parts: Introduction: 15 minutes Consultation: 30 minutes Follow-up: 15 minutes For Tax and Legal Consultation, you will get 15 min in total in a single video call.
  • How can I change my time/date?
    If you're not able to attend the meet on your selected data & time then mail us at to make changes in your timings.
  • How to connect with expert?
    You can connect with expert by following these simple steps: Click on Book Now Select your preferred date and time You will receive a mail with the invite link of google meet and a WhatsApp message as well. Be ready 5 minutes prior to the call with proper internet connection Then, get yourself consulted with our expert.
  • Is GST inclusive or Exclusive?
    18% GST is exclusive with the charges.
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    You will get 100% refund without a question asked if you're not satisfied with our service.
  • Is GST payable?
    Yes, 18% GST is payable on our consultation services. The fees mentioned are exclusive of the GST charged.
  • What services does LLA Consultancy provide?
    We offer a range of services including Contract Review, Salary Slip Review, and 1 on 1 Employment Consultation.
  • How can I book a service?
    You can book your preferred service by making the payment and following the next steps.
  • What if I have more than one service requirement?
    We'd be happy to assist you with multiple services. Please book each service separately on our website.
  • What if the amount got debited from my account but the payment failed?
    You can reach out to us at if this happens.
  • Would you refund my payment if I am not satisfied with the services provided by you?
    You will get 100% refund without a question asked if you're not satisfied with our service.
  • I am an employer and I am looking to get consultation for my organization
    Please email us at and get a quote.
  • What if I want my review report or consultation on an urgent basis?
    You can email us at and we will arrange your service accordingly.
  • I want to get additional services like POSH Training, Legal Notice Drafted, etc
    You can book your preferred service and click on Get a Quote. Our team will assist you further
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