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Most affordable Legal Consulting & Contract Review Services in India

Our employment consultation platform caters to diverse professionals across industries, offering customized solutions for every career stage, from entry-level to executive and all in between.

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Affordable Solution

Expert consultation to give you the best solution without hurting your pockets

Experienced Expert

Best industry consultants with immense experience in their domains

Exceptional Results

90% of our clients have felt satisfied with the practical approach of our experts

Our Services

Contract / Salary Slip Review

We provide a thorough review of your employment contracts to identify any legal issues that could arise in the future. Employment contracts are always drafted by the employers’ side and may have hidden clauses in complicated and tricky legal language.
Please note that this will be a red-flag review and you will receive the email advice from our team of lawyers. 

Our Contract/Salary Slip Review service provides a thorough examination of important legal documents, including offer letters, employment contracts, service agreements, appointment letters, and training bonds.

Full Employment Consultation

Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of employment law and ensure that you receive fair treatment and just compensation in the workplace. With our comprehensive consulting services, you can make informed decisions and protect your rights as an employee.

Our Employment Consultation service offers expert guidance on a range of employment-related issues, including wrongful termination, employment bonds, complex service agreements, notice periods, and F&F settlements.

Contract Review
Employment consultation

Our Expert

 Adv. Shweta Velayudhan

Where there is no law, there is no freedom.

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Clients in Labour and employment disputes


years’ of Experience

Past experience with corporate firms Trilegal & IndusLaw in their Labour & Employment teams.


Prior in-house experience with Vedanta Resources Ltd. & litigating before the Delhi High Court


Trusted by 150+ clients across India.

We serve clients from diverse  industries, geographies, and seniority levels.


Empathetic. Was my first professional consultation with any lawyer for any dispute. I had a certain biased perception (which may be true on wider scale) but in my interaction with Adv. Shweta and her team, that bias was challenged and left defeated. I received a good guidance that made me feel empowered. Thanks to LLA and their team. Of course, the cost of consultation was also affordable and reasonable.

Vaibhav Sharma

I got a sales job in a leading automobile company. After getting my contract reviewed by LLA, I got to know about the non-compete clause, which prohibited me from working at a competitor's  company for 2 years after resignation. I negotiated with HR and got this clause removed.


Shweta did a great job, she has great knowledge in labour law. The professionalism with which the issue was handled was exemplary. Throughout the whole process Shweta ensured that every loophole was covered. It was a very smooth process and I applaud the team for taking up this noble venture. I am grateful to Shweta and team for the great support and guidance.

Pranav Jadhav

It was nice talking to Ms. Shwetha V. It is really helpful for my current situation and also guiding for future. I am really thankful to LLA team.


Thanks for the service, your team members knowledge, skills help me to solve the issue.

Ankit S

I am an employee at one of the world's biggest IT companies based out of the US. During the review process, the LLA team told me that as per the contract, the area of jurisdiction for any dispute has been mentioned as San Francisco US. After strong recommendation from LLA's expert, I spoke to my manager, interestingly later not only mine but the contract of every employee at Pune office was updated for area of jurisdiction

Shreyash Sitapara

First of all thank you to labour low advisor's whole team jo itni mahenat se hamare liye videos banate hai . About the consultation review: i am fully satisfied with the consultation . Nothing much to say about you guys a big thank you.

Ravi Kumar

First of all thank you to labour low advisor's whole team jo itni mahenat se hamare liye videos banate hai . About the consultation review: i am fully satisfied with the consultation . Nothing much to say about you guys a big thank you.


Thankfully, I didn't find a major red flag in my contact review. I am really impressed and satisfied by LLA's review, I found it reasonable and as per expectation, like what one can expect as a good professional interaction and response


Frequently Asked Questions

Along with in-depth legal analysis, we also ensure that we simplify legal technicalities for better customer understanding"

Is your employment contract fair, thorough, and legally compliant?

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